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I am Sizzly Auer LM CPM. I have been a midwife in Florida since 2010. I have been in my journey of Midwifery since 2005. I have 18 years of experiences in midwifery since then. 

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My Story

My story on how I ended up being a midwife is an important story for you to know. I got pregnant at a young age. I was 19 years old and also in the military at the time. I had a smooth pregnancy and uncomplicated because I never experienced any illness, but emotionally I experienced the worse with no support from the father. My mother was and still is my biggest supporter. 2 days before my due date I went in to my doctor's office and he did an ultrasound and the doctor stated I needed to be induced because my son was too big and if he does not come out soon he can get stuck and die. I, being so young, agreed and went straight to the hospital for my induction. I was given cervidil for softening of my cervix and then pitocin the next day. 48 hours of being in the hospital to dilate. The doctor stated that even though I got to the end my son was in distress and that if he does not come out now via c-section he will die. So I went into the surgical room and got the spinal placed. I did not have any medication for pain until then. The nurse told me to sit still and then I was strapped to the table the surgery started and the baby was out less then 5 mins it felt like. He was perfect born 1/30 at 0907pm. So he was born on his due date, but to my disappointment was he was not big at all. He was 7lbs 14 oz and 24 in long. so he was long not big. The baby was given to my mom while I was still being operated on because I was hemorrhaging. The doctors finally got the bleeding to stop but then I had a fever and I was in ICU while my baby was in the nursery being fed formula which I did not want. It took me 30 days to retrain my son to breastfeed only and not bottle feed. Which during those 30 days I felt like a failure as a mother that I could not push him out or breastfeed him. The enemy was definitely at work trying me to think I was not made for this. So this brought a fire in me to fix the problem of labor and delivery which is to become either an OB/GYN or a Midwife. Doing research I said I cant wait 14 years to become an OB so I decided to become a midwife. Then I noticed there are two types of midwives. One being a Certified Nurse Midwife that can take 8 years or become a direct entry midwife that takes 3 years. I did not know the difference until I applied to Nursing school. My nursing application was given to the head of the Midwifery program and she invited me to the information session of the program. I decided to do the direct entry program and got accepted right away. I asked God is this my calling because I really loved my job in the military. That same day my friends wife went into labor and he was deployed. I ended up delivery that baby at her home with 911 on the phone. The paramedics believed I was a midwife and I stated no I am a friend that came here to take her to the hospital and it was too late. But God answered my question this was and still is my calling. I went to school that Monday and share my testimony. I have been doing it ever since. I do this as a passion and to make sure you are not fed lies from the enemy. Birth was made for all natural born women. Our hips were made to deliver life into this world. The passion grew more when I found out my C-section has made me sterile. So I want to make sure my clients do not ever experience what I went thru. In the beginning of 2023 I also submitted myself 100000% to the Lord. I want to make sure all my clients are being told the truth and made sure that the body can do this natural without interventions that are not necessary but you must also trust the same way I trust the Lord in making us perfect. My Lord Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Jesus died on that cross to make sure all sins and pain and illness goes away, but he also gave you free will, so it is up to you to make sure you trust in him to have an uncomplicated pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Now that you know my story. I hope this helps you with your decision making in choosing our office.


I cant wait to meet you guys and be apart of your birthing experience.


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