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Our Midwives, Doctors, and Staff

Sizzly M Auer LM CPM
Sizzly Auer is the Owner, Licensed Midwife and much much more. She has been a licensed midwife in the state of Florida since 11/2010. She serves greater Tampa Bay area
Miriam M Maldonado LM CPM
Miriam Maldonado is the Senior Midwife and co-owner Childbirth Options-Miami. She has been licensed in the stated of florida since 02/2001. She serves Miami-Dade County area and Monroe county.
Terry Messmer Physical Therapist and Birth Assistant
Terry Messmer is our physical therapist for pelvic floor. She does alot more with her speciality and she is highly recommended and she also part time as a birth assistant.
Angelita Hopper, Certifed US Tech
Angelita Hopper is the ultrasound tech for this office. She was also an OB/GYN in her country and she is very nice and helpful to the practice
Stephanie Cuellar RN and Birth Assistant

Stephanie Cuellar is a RN and BA for Childbirth Options-Miami office since 10/2014. She is very passionate about her career and helps with Miriam in births as a professional. She also works in other facilities in miami dade county.