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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (C-section)

VBAC for Childbirth Options future or current clients.

VBACs are safe to be done at home.


  • To qualify for a VBAC at home:
  • You can only have had up to 2 prior c-sections
  • The incision must be a low transverse
  • That prior c-section records must say you had a double layer suture on the incision site.
  • at 36-37 weeks must have an ultrasound for the thickness of the scar and must be >4 cm of thickness.
  • Baby can not be estimated > 9lbs at 40 week ultrasound.
  • Must go into labor naturally on your own by 41 weeks if not you will be transferred for Hospital VBAC or repeat c-section
  • If you have had a successful VBAC you don't need a consult or sign off by OB.
  • What will disqualify you for VBAC at home
  • More than 2 c-sections
  • a vertical incision of the scar
  • Any other complications during this pregnancy that can not be fixed naturally and needs on going medical attention by a physician
  • Any other risk factors that can cause a high risk pregnancy.
  • If you have no prior records.
  • Patient must be comfortable with the idea of a homebirth if not will not qualify by midwife.
  • < 4 cm thickness of scar at ultrasound.
  • If you had one c-section and other uterine surgery not section will disqualify you.
  • Your Responsibilities
  • to bring or sign record release for prior c-section(s)
  • Must be honest to midwife and OB of prior medical history
  • Require childbirth classes and VBAC for your success affirmation CD
  • If you have emotional needs please advise midwife to help cope with prior births to help this birth.
  • Notify us of any change during your pregnancy that midwife cant detect with labs.