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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I had a c-section before can I see a midwife for a VBAC at home?

We accept VBAC patients and do VBAC births at home. Our consulting obstetrician will see you and review your medical records to see if you are a good candidate for your VBAC.

For more information on VBAC, recent studies, risks and benefits of both VBAC and elective repeat cesarean, please go to ICAN’s website. There is an excellent article there, found at

What about payment? Do you take insurance? How about Medicaid?

Midwife care offers a significant savings to you. The fees for Midwife care and homebirth are less than one-third the cost of obstetrical care and hospital birth. Your midwifery care at Childbirth Options includes all prenatal exams, home visit, labor and delivery, initial postpartum care, the services of the birth assistant, complete newborn exam, 24-48 hour postpartum visit, a two week postpartum visit, a six week postpartum exam, and filing of the birth certificate. Please call us for information regarding the fee for our services. We do accept Private Insurance and Pregnancy Medicaid.

Florida Law mandates that Medicaid and Private Insurers cover the services of Licensed Midwives. To find out if you are eligible and to apply for Medicaid coverage, go to
where you can apply online. If you are pregnant, we recommend that you apply immediately because it can take 30-45 days to receive approval. Pregnancy testing for your Medicaid application is available through us at no charge to you. Call us today for a free consultation with pregnancy test via urine, lab, or ultrasound..

If you are covered by insurance, we will bill your insurance company for you. You are responsible for paying your deductible and co-payment according to a payment plan and to cover any incidentals that are not covered by your insurance plan.

If you do not have insurance coverage and are not eligible for pregnancy Medicaid, we offer a flexible payment plan and fiancing options. An early payment discount is available as well. We accept cash, money order, and all major credit cards. Services and products that are not included in the fee are vitamins, lab fees, ultrasound, RhoGAM, medications, specialist services, childbirth classes, birth supplies, Doula services and waterbirth tub purchase or rental.

When should I start care with your practice?

You should begin care as soon as possible. It is best to begin care in the first trimester, 8-10 pregnant. Early prenatal care will give you an advantage, because the Midwife can assist you with nutritional counseling and easing of common discomforts such as nausea. We can usually hear your baby’s heart beat at about 6-8 weeks gestation (that is 6-8 weeks after your last menstrual period). Many women schedule their first appointment for right around this time.

Do I need to keep my OB GYN or find one for this pregnancy plus your care?

No. Licensed Midwives offer complete prenatal care and lab testing. You will be referred to an obstetrician if any situation arises that requires obstetrical care.

What if I am almost due can I switch?

Yes, you can transfer into care at Childbirth Options at any point in your pregnancy. We will request your records from your previous care provider. We take late care if you haven't had care as well.

What does the care include and what is the time frame to see you during pregnancy?

Prenatal care includes all your lab work (blood testing, urine testing, pap smear and cultures), ultrasound, monitoring of vital signs and weight, assessment of your physical and emotional wellbeing, measuring your uterus to determine if your baby is growing well, assessing the position of your baby, and listening to the baby’s heart beat. In addition, prenatal visits are full of education on topics of nutrition, exercise, childbirth preparation, concerns related to pregnancy, emotional health, preparation for parenting, and important decisions that you will make concerning you and your baby’s health care. A typical prenatal visit will last about 45 to 60 minutes. You will have plenty of time to discuss your questions and concerns with your Midwife. We block 10 min prior for your visit incase of early arrival and block 10 min after incase the visit runs over.

Why a homebirth instead of a hospital birth?

Take Control—At home, you are in control. You can walk around, eat and drink freely, pick your birth position, and avoid medical intervention. You can do what you like in the privacy of your own home. We will monitor you and the baby throughout labor, but in a very non-intrusive way.

Personalized Care—During your pregnancy, we get to know you and your family, as well as your desires and wishes for your birth. Your birth plan is customized to accommodate your wishes.

Believe—Midwives believe that you should make the decisions regarding your care. In your care, everything is up for discussion and nothing is routine. We will help you be informed and educated, so that you can make the best choices for your family.

LOVE—Your baby will never leave your side. We do not whisk the baby away for an immediate exam and care. After your baby is born, we place him or her on your belly and the baby generally stays skin to skin at your breast until breastfeeding is established. We will do a newborn exam when the baby is one hour old, but we do this with your baby right next to you in the bed. When you get up to shower or bathe, your baby can go with you or can be held by Daddy or any person that you choose. With the whole family present at the birth or immediately after, bonding for the entire family is enhanced.

Avoid Infections—You and your baby’s immune systems are adapted to any germs in your own home, resulting in less maternal and newborn infections.

Breastfeeding Support—We will encourage and assist you to breastfeed your baby soon after birth. We will follow up with a 24 to 48 hour visit and regular phone calls during the first week to help you with any difficulties you may be experiencing. Lactation consultants and the 24 hour LaLeche League hotline (1-800-LaLeche) is always available to you.

Cost Savings—The average cost of prenatal care and an uncomplicated hospital birth is $20,000. Homebirth with a Midwife costs only one-fourth the cost of a hospital birth.

What if something goes wrong? (most popular question of last)

Healthy women with normal pregnancies generally stay healthy and have normal births. Most problems that develop during pregnancy or birth have clear warning signs well ahead of time, and we can calmly plan for preventing or managing a problem.

Your Midwife is highly trained, experienced, and able to quickly identify and manage any situations which are outside of normal. If a complication arises, we have emergency equipment including oxygen, IVs, medications to stop hemorrhage, and resuscitation equipment. All of our team is trained in emergency procedures, including CPR and neonatal resuscitation. If a hospital transfer becomes necessary, your Midwife has a plan in place for transfer and will accompany you to the hospital where you can receive the obstetrical care that you require.

Stalled labor is the most common reason for hospital transfer. Although we must resolve the situation in a timely manner, it is not truly an emergency and we generally have plenty of time to try various natural methods to get labor going again. If we can’t get labor started, the mom can be driven to the hospital in her own car, and followed by the Midwife to the hospital and midwife will stay unless another homebirth mom goes into labor and a doula or birth assistant will stay.